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Thai Yoga Massage Training Course 2016

A powerful system of Yoga therapy combining rhythmic massage, acupressure & yoga style stretches.
TYM works your whole body & has many benefits such as opening up joints, releasing tension and is excellent for your spine, hips & shoulders helping you to be supple & mobile.
Also stimulating your circulatory, digestive, endocrine & immune systems, massaging organs, stretching & toning muscles.

Thai Yoga Massage  12 day course £950

Saturday’s  9-5pm

Day 1 - 1st Oct 2016

Course Day’s 1 - 10 held at the Yoga Studio, Tilehurst.


Summer School & Practical Exam to be held in Lyme Regis

Days 11 & 12 Friday – Sunday 19th – 21st May

Course consists of 12 in house training days

70 hours practical case histories

40 hours of theory to include Anatomy & Physiology,

to be completed at home

Total hours required 204


Introduction/Enrolment Workshop

Saturday 10th Sept 16 12-4pm £30

We will be covering the origins, benefits, stances required to give a treatment and basic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage


https://youtu.be/rYyo7ooRg_Y -  A short Video to introduce myself & the classes

Hello, my name is Kim Allyson I have been interested in Yoga and alternative therapies for more than eighteen years, a firm believer in looking after the body-mind whether you are in good or ill health and that we all have the ability to improve our quality of life.

The first time I attended a Yoga class I was hooked, I felt so alive and full of energy after the classes and always felt as though I left the class with a big smile on my face, I was so relaxed. I soon realised that I was more aware of my posture, breathing and my body in general on a daily basis. So when offered the opportunity of passing on this wonderful way of life to others I was delighted.

I am also qualified in Reflexology, Thai Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Detox Days & Detox foot spas, and I like to bring some of these aspects into the class occasionally, which is very popular. Yoga, Reflexology and Thai Yoga Therapy are very holistic approaches to health, and I feel that they complement each other very well.

I trained with Swami Ambikananda Saraswati at the school of 'Traditional Hatha Yoga'

Wishing you Peace & Happiness


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